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Superglue Colle-21 is a multi-purpose anaerobic superglue based on cyanoacrylate for modelling. The adhesive is ideal for bonding products and their parts made of rubber, metal, ceramics, wood, leather, cardboard and plastic (except PE, PP, PTFE).
Colle-21 is an extremely durable adhesive, providing a perfect bond in just 10-15 seconds with continuous pressure on the two pieces. Without this pressing, the adhesive is not activated and does not dry properly on the surface. This greatly simplifies the creative process.

Thanks to the precision needle included in the kit, Colle-21 is easy to use and applies very precisely without wasting a drop of product.

Colle-21 glue can be used in needlework, car and bike modeling, repair and reconstruction. For materials that are difficult to bond, Primer-21 is recommended.

Cyanoacrylate adhesive of Colle-21 is resistant to water, shock and vibration.
An important advantage of cyanoacrylate glue is that your work to build car models  will be even more precise and stable.
To clean the precision needle, simply dip it in acetone after use.

Superglue Colle-21 is stored at ambient temperature. It should not be exposed to sunlight and should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Colle-21 has over 10 years created a line of ideal and indispensable products for static and dynamic car  modeling and other activities.


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COLLE 21 Kit Pro Evolution 2.1.
  • €84.00
COLLE 21 Black-21gr. Super Glue Black Cyanoacrylate
  • €9.25
COLLE 21 Super Glue – 21gr
  • €8.60
  • €4.65
COLLE 21 DEBONDER 21- cyanoacrylate remover
  • €9.70