Dear Friends!

We are happy to offer you climate neutral shipping with DHL ®

Carbon emissions are increasing, and the corporate world is demonstrating its leadership in meeting one of the greatest environmental and economic challenges of our time.

Our collaboration with DHL provides shipping worldwide services to enable you as a customer to optimize the carbon efficiency and reduce overall costs and emissions.

What are carbon emission?

Carbon dioxide (CO2e) emissions are the common type of gas emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. The higher the carbon content in the fossil fuel, or the more inefficient the burning process, generally, the greater amount of CO2e is produced.

Why should our company reduce carbon emissions?

There are many drivers why a company should  reduce their environmental impact and their  carbon emissions. Legislative, customer or consumer requirements could be the driver but also reducing emissions can be part of a company actioning their corporate social responsibility. Also, by improving the overall carbon efficiency of eco sustainable shipping method, cost reduction opportunities can be identified


How does the DHL GoGreen program benefit you as a customer?

Since DHL’s improvement activities are based on own fuel and energy consumption as well as it’s sub-contracted fleet (airlines, haulers and shipping lines) you, as a customer, also benefit from these efforts, since the shipments that you transport with DPDHL are also more carbon efficient.