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Shipping policy

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1. GPMODELING.SHOP delivers worldwide. All orders are shipped using a traceable method, via either Postal Service or Courier Service (customer’s choice).

Shipping costs are automatically calculated by our purchasing process, according to weight, volume and destination country of the goods in customer’s shopping cart. All customers get tracking information via email once their order is shipped.

Shipping costs for goods shipped outside EU (extra – EU countries) are calculated on the Platform include also export (extra CEE) customs processing cost of € 2.

Shipments to non-continental and/or remote destinations may be subject to additional transit times and shipping surcharges. Remote is defined as islands and highlands; or a post code/zip code that is difficult to serve; or a suburb/town that is distant, inaccessible or infrequently served. GPMODELING.SHOP will contact you if your address is classed as remote for the additional surcharge fee.

2. GPMODELING.SHOP offers following shipping options:

  • Courier service: available for most European Community countries, and also in selected countries worldwide. 
  • Postal service: only available for Italy. 

3. Sending Prohibited Goods and Dangerous goods  (Paints, Thinners, Flammable Liquids etc.)

3.1 Dangerous goods shipping is available unrestricted via Courier Road services for all surface destinations (Europe), and  available but restricted by IATA regulations worldwide.

3.2 Shipping of Dangerous goods will have an additional surcharge.

3.3. Please note: that Spray paints, contacting paints and other flammable liquids can only be shipped to most of destinations within Europe (except Greece) via Courier Road service. They can not be shipped to other countries outside Europe. We are working to get IATA permit to send it.  

3.4. It is the Customers responsibility to check with your local Postal Operator to confirm if any items being purchased are classed as Prohibited Goods (Paints, Thinners, Flammable Liquids etc.) within your country. If you Customer purchased an product, item/s which is classed as Prohibited Goods and it is not delivered, GPMODELING.SHOP can NOT offer refunds. If the item/s are returned to GPMODELING.SHOP for this reason, we will refund the value of the items returned minus any shipping/packing cost.

4. Our clients may also Pick up their orders themselves at the GPMODELING.SHOP office in Italy, which is situated in Italy, Caserta, Carlo Santagata street, n. 24.

Pick up is possible for orders paid on the Platform. When placing an order, the customer should leave his contact information, by which GPMODELING.SHOP can contact the customer and inform about the readiness of the items for delivery in our warehouse during working hours.

5. The client who placed an order on the GPMODELING.SHOP platform undertakes to receive the order in the way that the client chose when placing the order. If the customer refuses to accept the order delivered to the specified address, the ordered goods must be returned back to our warehouse. In this case, GPMODELING.SHOP undertakes to return the cost of the goods to the client after returning the item to our store within 7 working days, minus all transport costs for the delivery and return of the goods. Therefore, shipping costs are covered by the customer and are non-refundable.

6. In case of loss of the parcel on the way due to the fault of the transport  company (DHL, FedEX, SDA and others), GPMODELING.SHOP is responsible to the customer for the lost order in the event that the transport company officially confirms the fact of the loss of the order. The amount of financial liability of GPMODELING.SHOP to the client for the order lost on the way, in case of proper dispatch of the order to customer, is limited to the limit of liability of the transport company chosen by the client. So, in case of loss of the order, the transport company compensates in full the transportation costs and partially the cost of the lost goods, within the limits specified in its policy. For example in 2022, the transport company FedEX compensates 27 euros for each kilogram of the lost parcel, regardless of the real value of the goods.

In order to provide customers with full coverage of the cost of ordered items, GPMODELING.SHOP offers the possibility of shipping insurance. This option is available to all customers on the check out page. If the customer choose the shipping option with full insurance, in case of loss or damage to the parcel due to the fault of the transport company, the client receives immediately after reporting the loss or damage to the goods, full compensation for transport costs and the cost of the order.

7. GPMODELING.SHOP is not responsible for loss, damage, violation of delivery dates if the client chooses a delivery method, including a courier service, different from that GPMODELING.SHOP offered on the Platform. In this case, all risks are assumed by the client.



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